Our company was built on the foundation that every couple deserves the ultimate planning team, with a wealth of
knowledge and understanding of the wedding industry, in their corner. We bring this concept into every relationship
and have gained a reputation of creating lasting relationships with clients and vendors.

lindsay akl

Co-Owner, Lead Designer

The expression “it’s not done until it’s overdone” doesn’t scare me, but rather inspires me. To me, overdone is not a negative term. I love to take something that works and find a way to make it work better. I find inspiration in the things that set weddings apart from each other.

My focus is on full planning and design. I like to work through the big planning and design decisions with my clients. My job is to show you how to make a choice in an industry with endless options. Wedding planning is a personal experience. I like to know who my clients are and use my expertise to plan their day completely tailored to who they are.

I’m a boy and girl mom, I love themes, and I believe in love at first sight. I didn’t choose the wedding planner life, it chose me and I am lucky to love what I do. Weddings are a part of me, and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

Moment Captured by: Alyssa Parker Photo


Co-Owner, Lead Operations

Weddings are about the small moments. It is all about that feeling that gives you the goose bumps. I take a step back at every wedding and take in those mental snapshots of the couple, the backdrop, and the little details that make it all come together.

I live for the wedding logistics. Putting the puzzle pieces of a wedding together for each couple makes my heart whole. It is my responsibility to take my knowledge and make a wedding uniquely yours. Leaning into new trends or thinking outside the box to make a wedding formality shine is where I find the successes in wedding management.

I am a mom of two fur babies, a soon-to-be girl mom, and believe family always comes first. You can’t change my mind that When Harry Met Sally is the best love story. When I think of my path in life, I know that everything happens for a reason and that R+R came to fruition so I could be a part of so many peoples’ important life events.

You’ll fit right in if you believe…

A meeting isn’t complete without a glass of champagne.

Dog snuggles cure everything.

Appetizers should be its own food group.


“Yeah” by Usher gets everyone on the dance floor.

Coffee is the most important meal of the day.

It’s never too early to listen to Christmas music.